While many of us are well aware that eating healthy is the right thing to do, the price tag (or our perception of the price…

Ace Hood sits down with Philly’s Dj Damage of Hot 107.9 and opens up about staying true to himself as an artist. Ace also explains the types of females he is attracted to and the footwear he cannot leave on tour without.

Certain sayings stick with you throughout life, like a saying from a third grade teacher. Good, Better, Best, never take a rest until your good gets better and your better gets best. The Philadelphia 76ers did more than just win game six of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals over the Boston Celtics last night, they showed […]

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images During his interview with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts, Chris Brown was asked multiple times about the incident with Rihanna and he tried to dance around the questions. Robin revisited the question and again Chris responded by promoting his album “F.A.M.E.,” which hits stores today! Reports are saying that after […]