Eddie Murphy

Back in 1997 on this day Eddie Murphy picked up the above transsexual Atisone ‘Shalomar’ Seiuli before being picked up himself by the cops. His story was that he was fascinated by transsexuals and transvestites, felt bad for them, and he picked them up, talked to them, before giving them money to help them out. […]

Nas debuted the video for “It’s A Tower Heist” featuring Rick Ross last night on BET. Nas’ bid to the Tower Heist movie soundtrack is an action-packed montage featuring clips of Gabourey Sidibe and tag-team Eddie Murphy, Ben Stiller. Rick Ross makes an appearance, counting money in the booth while reciting his verse. Eddie Murphy: […]

According to HumorMillmag.com, Eddie Murphy is confirmed to host the 84th Academy Awards in February of 2012. While Hollywood doesn’t seem interested in balancing the lack of Black representation on the big screen, the Academy is happy to have us host the awards show. The Oscars will be the first time Murphy has taken the […]

Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller lead an all star cast in the upcoming comedy, Tower Heist.  When Wall Street tycoon Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) is put under house arrest for stealing billions of dollars from his investors, the staff at his luxurious hi-rise condominium band together for revenge after finding out their pensions were lost […]

Transgender author Toni Newman is naming names in her newly released book, ‘I Rise – The Transformation of Toni Newman’. Newman recently appeared on a radio show and claims to have been picked up on the strip and had sex with LL Cool J and claims to have had numerous encounters with Mr Cee and […]

The inaugural Comedy Awards for Comedy Central were held this weekend in New York City. A who’s who comedy walked the red carpet, with stars like Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Andy Samberg, Tracy Jordan, Stephen Colbert, Andy Richter, Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Jon Cryer, all in attendance. Radio DJ, BET Host Killed In NYC […]

Remember the classic comedy “Coming to America” from 1988 starring Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall and James Earl Jones? If you don’t, get familiar, because the sequel (tentatively titled “Coming Back to America”) is in the works! While making an appearance as the guest judge and mentor on “Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next […]

Twitter should be arrested for the amount of people it kills every year. After “taking” the life of Morgan Freeman several weeks ago the social network was buzzing with news of comedian and actor Eddie Murphy dying in a ski accident. The awful rumor surfaces almost every year  and for some reason people keep believing […]

Over the years we’ve seen more than our fair share of movies aimed towards the black audience.

The film, also starring Ben Stiller, follows employees at a luxurious block of apartments who are scammed out of their pensions by one resident.

Wow Eddie ... Really!!! You gotta check out this video!