A fan of Miguel took to social media to say he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Ed Lover says the 2017 NBA All-Star Game was boring.

Jenna Bush Hager embarrassed herself on the red carpet while talking to Pharrell.

After Vice President-Elect Mike Pence visited Hamilton on Broadway just a couple weeks ago, he got a very direct and respectful message from the cast after the show. While Donald Trump cried out for an apology from them, the cast stood their ground, saying they wouldn’t issue one. Mike Pence even said he wasn’t offended […]

At the end of last week, Kanye West made headlines when he was suddenly taken to the hospital after weeks of ranting about Kid Cudi, Jay Z and Beyonce on tour. People immediately began pointing fingers when it was learned that Ye was to have a psychiatric evaluation. While it might be more fun for […]

President Barack Obama was reading mean tweets during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live when he came across a tweet from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, deeming him as the worst president in American history. But of course, Obama is never one to be caught without a classy clap-back. He promptly put the Donald in […]

Rapper Azealia Banks continued her tradition of making headlines for the wrong reasons when she was kicked out of a hotel party for Russell Crowe. Reports say her behavior inside the party was absolutely insane and embarrassing- she even unleashed some violent threats -which is why Russell Crowe himself ejected her from the shindig. In […]

Singer and actress Letoya Luckett has been tapped to play a legendary R&B vocalist in an upcoming biopic. An original member of Destiny’s Child, Letoya has been hustling for many years, carving out for herself a successful career as a solo artist. She’s the second member of Destiny’s Child to have ever had an album […]

When Donald Trump made an “apology” speech at a rally in Michigan on Friday, he told his usual all-white audience that black people don’t have anything to lose by voting for him. As if that statement wasn’t offensive enough, it was the cap to a tone-deaf, offensive and condescending speech to “potential” black voters which […]

Hillary Clinton‘s Vice Presidential pick, Tim Kaine, spoke at the National Urban League conference. He took a stab at addressing the nationwide controversial tension between police and black communities, but he didn’t quite hit the nail on the head. Tim’s statement was a safe way to make statement about it and not make anyone angry, […]

Monie Love gives up “The Early Morning Evening News” about Ted Cruz being boo’d for not endorsing Donald Trump during his speech. A letter was released from the Trump campaign about a staffer coming forward to take ownership of stealing Michelle Obama’s speech for Melania Trump. Lastly, a California baker is making cupcakes that resemble […]

When literal gunshots were fired at T.I.‘s concert at New York City’s Irving Plaza, several people were injured and one person died. After the club emptied out, the mass hysteria died down and the security footage was released, is became apparent that Troy Ave was the source of some of those bullets. Troy Ave has since been arrested […]