Being a professional athlete is not a guarantee to set for life. Career-ending injuries happen all of the time. So most players have a…


Courtesy of CNN Dot Com Woman accidentally swallows a $5K diamond at a champagne raffle, where the winner that finds the real diamond in their drink gets to keep it.  The jeweler went and checked all the dud pieces to find out the real one was missing.  The lady that swallowed found out the news […]

Courtesy of the NY Daily News It’s no secret when your visiting the city of Miami, its a different type of lifestyle.  Expensive clothing, fast cars and beautiful women are just some of the Miami daily vices that people including sports athletes indulge in while visiting the vibrant South Florida city.  Because of these different activities […]

Rihanna was on X factor UK & performed the single “Diamonds” off of her New Album “Unapologetic”. Watch The Video Below!

Shine bright like a diamond....

So everyone knows that when it comes to Rihanna,  Jay-Z takes on the big brother role. Its being reported that Hov had a quiet word with Chris Brown at one of his shows at The Barclay Center in New York last week. He invited Chris &  Rihanna as a couple to the show & told Rihanna that if […]

So according to Female First, Rihanna & Chris Brown will go public with their reconciled relationship in November! Who didn’t see this one coming a mile away?! Also a reliable source says  “Rihanna is tied up & busy with the album, but she makes time for Chris late nights! I wonder how this is going to […]