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shaun rogers

Courtesy of the NY Daily News

It’s no secret when your visiting the city of Miami, its a different type of lifestyle.  Expensive clothing, fast cars and beautiful women are just some of the Miami daily vices that people including sports athletes indulge in while visiting the vibrant South Florida city.  Because of these different activities in the city, there is always somebody watching your every move and looking for a come up.  For NFL NY Giants player Shaun Rogers, his stay was suppose to be a pleasant one, but was not the case.  On Monday,  after a night of clubbing with friends at Liv on South Beach, Shaun Rogers brought back a female companion to his hotel room at the Fontainebleau.  Before he went to sleep, he put nearly $500K worth of jewelry in the hotel safe, locked and secured.  He awakes a few hours later to find the woman and his jewelry gone.  Hotel security comes to help him open the safe, which he cannot open to reassure authorities that his belongings is missing.  Be careful with the attention that you attract to yourself because someone is always watching and looking to capitalize off your mistakes, especially random woman brought back to your hotel suite that like to run off with $500K worth of your jewelry!  For the full story go to the NY Daily News Dot Com. 

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