A photo has surfaced on Reddit of NBA players Tim Duncan and Tony Parker clowning around on Halloween. Dressed as The Punisher and Nick Fury,…

It feels like LeBron James and D-Wade were just on the sideline chanting Rick Ross’s “Hold Me Back” as the Miami Heat won their second…

The NBA owned New Orleans Hornets had a previous deal for Chris Paul confirmed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Commissioner David Stern rejected the proposal that would have sent Chris Paul to the Lakers. The commissioner caught some heat from the media for imposing his will and having the last say of “his” franchise. It […]

Even Chris Paul’s Jersey says NO LA! David Stern lets get it together!

As soon as the NBA lockout ended and the period for free agency and trades began on Thursday of last week there was buzzing all over the TV, Internet and radio about a three team trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers. In all the excitement many fans of the NBA forgot just […]

I thought that might get your attention, just as it got mine when watching a re-run of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. I want to make my position clear from the start, I am not a fan of Bryant Gumbel and thinks he, like many other prominent African American sports reporters are frauds. But on […]

It is not looking good for the NBA. The entire preseason has been cancelled and Commissioner David Stern has threatened the loss of regular season games if a deal is not reached by Monday (Oct. 10th). A few of the league’s high profile players have already sensed the season was in jeopardy and signed on to […]

With all the added attractions to NBA All-Star Weekend (rookie-sophomore game, skills competition, etc.) everyone tunes in on Saturday night for the Slam Dunk competition. At its zenith during the mid to late eighties when great dunkers like Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan and Spud Webb went at it on a yearly basis, the league’s superstars […]