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As soon as the NBA lockout ended and the period for free agency and trades began on Thursday of last week there was buzzing all over the TV, Internet and radio about a three team trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers. In all the excitement many fans of the NBA forgot just how mad the league and many team owners were when Lebron, Cris Bosh and D Wade timed their free agency to match so they can pick what team to make a super power and then decided on Miami.

In an attempt to make sure no super squads would be made this year NBA Commissioner, David Stern blocked the deal from happening and sited it was for basketball reasons. Yeah Right!!! Basketball reason may not be the right phrase to use, he should have said it was a pure Business decision.

The NBA owns the New Orleans Hornets and from a business point of view the NBA needs to keep a superstar on the roster to help entice a potential Owner/Investor to purchase the team.

For Chris Paul this has to be one of the most difficult processes to live through. Emotionally you accept the fact that you’ve been offered in a trade and then see the silver lining in the situation because you will now be a teammate of Kobe only to have it feel like an April fools prank.

Don’t think it’s easy for CP3 to stomach this set of circumstances when we don’t need to look any further than our own Asante Samuel and how he took the news of being on the trade market. In CP3 case he was actually traded and then told it didn’t work so you have to go back to the team that wanted to get rid of you.

My question for all of you is, does the NBA want to much for CP3? And if so how does this affect the value for a Kobe, Lebron or Dwight Howard?

words by: @Philly_Ron