While many of us are well aware that eating healthy is the right thing to do, the price tag (or our perception of the price…

Creating a student budget plan is an important step every student can take to assess his or her financial wellness. A college student budget can help you keep track of your expenses, analyze your assets and income and set financial goals for yourself. How To Survive Unemployment & Keep Financially Fit And whether those goals […]

We think now is more important than ever to be smart about spending money during the holidays. Here are 4 tips for smart holiday shopping: 1) Create A Holiday Shopping Budget And Stick With It. No need to try to keep up with the Joneses’. First look at your overall budget to determine what you […]

By Robert Juliano, Vice President of Community Development at Beneficial Bank In tough financial times, maintaining a budget and saving is crucial to your financial security. At Beneficial Bank, we put a priority on educating our customers about how they can do the right thing financially. We understand how challenging, and sometimes overwhelming, creating a […]