The mom of two turns 40 years old today. In honor of the big milestone, check out our gallery of Kerry Washington throughout the years.

Queen Latifah recently shared some good news for everyone who appreciated that "90's kinda world."

While Johnny Gill was chatting with Ed Lover in the studio, he explained the circumstances behind his joining New Edition. He explains how the he ended up getting offered the fifth and final slot in the popular R&B group in 1987, and why he felt hesitant to join the group at first. Plus, Johnny also […]

Kameelah Williams looks back on her experience in the 90s R&B group 702, and explains what she realized they could have done better. She talks about working with Missy Elliott, and the tragic passing that struck one of the group’s members. She explains why, despite the fact that 702 was successful and producing hits on […]

Singer Kameelah Williams, also known as Meelah, is best known for being the lead singer of the 90s R&B trio, 702. But the trio wasn’t always a trio. As Kameelah tells Ed Lover & Monie Love, her addition to the group certainly shook things up for the girls, and may have caused some of the […]

RL from the R&B group Next hung out in the studio with Ed Lover & Monie Love! He talks about how the music industry behind the scenes has changed since he started in it 20 years ago, and how it has affected his love of music. He discusses his strategy with releasing new music, and […]

35 Unforgettably Dope Things Only 90s Kids Fully Understand 35. Listening to the radio all day long just to record your favorite song on a cassette…

Today marks 23 years since the release of Dr. Dre's album "The Chronic."

If you recall earlier this month, we reported the rumors that were surfacing about Nickelodeon rebooting some of our favorite 90’s shows. It looks like…

Back in the ‘90s, a beef between hip hop groups Das EFX and the Lords Of The Underground seemed to have no tangible beginnings. In their decade,…