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Back in the ‘90s, a beef between hip hop groups Das EFX and the Lords Of The Underground seemed to have no tangible beginnings.

In their decade, they shared similar styles, causing music fans to believe that tensions were rising between two the camps.

A true understanding of their rivalry remained a mystery as neither groups really spoke about the beef publicly. Until now.

A new published interview with AllHipHop, gives hip hop fans a look at the Das EFX vs Lords Of The Underground beef as both groups open up about what really happened.

We never had no beef with Das [EFX],” DoItAll from Lords Of The Underground says during the conversation, which took place at 24 Hours of Peace, a community event in the Lords’ hometown of Newark, NJ. “The beef was perpetrated by the media, for me, for Lords Of The Underground. When you are a teenager, you feed into it… Since we were all in the public eye, we all fed into it. But I can say this, once we met up, we realized it wasn’t no beef because we were similar groups. They were from the sewer, we were from the underground. And then you had video directors that we didn’t know, kind of making videos seem alike, not the same but similar. So it was all of that stuff that as grown men we would never let happen. We [are] just happy to be rhyming and be on television and be on records and that was from DoItAll, from Lords’ point of view until I met the guys, you know what I mean? And then I realized that these muthaf****s are cool as hell. Now we on tour together touring the world still.

Das EFX member Krazy Drayz says that the whole situation was a huge misconception.

We was checking for everything moving,” Krazy Drayz says. “We was checking them. But if you really listen like we was listening, they wasn’t really doing what we was doing. They stood on their own but like dude said, the world just blew it up. They made it seem like it couldn’t be two other emcees. Like, we didn’t own the underground, you digging? What is was, was just more misconception that anything.

Das EFX and Lords of the Underground’s interview can be seen below:


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