Day 5764768564 from working home due to the Coronavirus. Most jobs require employees to come in the office to get work done. Lately, their has been a worldwide epidemic with the COVID virus spreading at a rapid pace.

Most companies have ordered employees to work from home to avoid spreading the virus more than it already has been. Some people might not be use to working from home and catch themselves yawning at 1pm due to the lack of energy. We have the formula on how to get by! Check the list below for our top 10 ways to keep the day from moving slow.


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1. Coffee, Coffee, COFFEE!

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2. Start your day early

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3. Write down list of to-do’s

Teacher writing with chalk on a blackboard. Source:Getty

4. Find a designated room to get your work done

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How can I move things forward? Source:Getty

6. Read on your break

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7. Listen to music while getting work done

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8. Avoid non work trips to social media

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9. Dress up as if your going into the office

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10. Keep a positive attitude

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