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Meek Mill had Philly on fire Saturday Night at his ‘Meek Mill & Friends Dreams & Nightmares 10th Anniversary Concert’.

When Meek said ‘Friends’, Philly was not prepared for how many high-profile friends he was bringing out.

Before Meek came on stage, a video played with a glimpse of clips trailing his journey from Meek with the ‘nappy braids that locked’, to Flamers mixtapes to his first drop of Dreams and Nightmares to the icon he is today to not just Philly, but the world.

Meek started the night with bringing out Fabolous, then Jim Jones and the crowd went wild with ‘We fly high no lie…ballin’.

Meek then took us to New York and Fivio Foreign out and Philly was lit up with ‘Big Drip’.

Next Meek surprised Philly with doing a few songs off his newly released mixtape, ‘Flamerz 5′. Meek even said that Philly loves him so much that he could drop that mixtape on Monday and that by time he performed in Philly on Saturday, Philly would know the lyrics…and we did!

Next Meek brought out a friend that took us by a major shock. Rick Ross! Yess Meek Brought Rick Ross, Ricky Rozay, Big Meech Larry Hoover to the stage. This was the first time Meek and Ross hit the stage together since their alleged feud.

Meek then bought out A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, MoneyBagg Yo. Meek then paid a tribute to PnB Rock. Meek said, “Rest in peace to my dawg PnBRock…me and Rock got real close before he died and Ima rep my dawg forever”. Philly screamed to the top of their lungs singing songs by Rock as this was a major loss in the city.

Then Meek made an announcement on the stage before on of his friends was welcomed to the stage and it went viral. Meek said, “Never let the internet trick you outta who out here killing this sh*t” and then he proceeded to bring out DaBaby! Folks went wild because DaBaby has received a lot of backlash for being a part of many controversial situations but Meek made it a point to say that while that is what you see about his life through social media, you really have no clue what he is really doing outside of the eyes of media. DaBaby had Philly going wild as he did his famous dance on the stage while also spraying the crowd with his water bottle.

Next Meek kept it in Philly and brought out Lil Uzi Vert. Philly goes crazy for Uzi every single time! Uzi performed XO Tour Llif3 and the crowd knew every song word for word. Then Uzi performed his new song, ‘Just Wanna Rock’ and while Uzi was rocking them hips on stage, so was the crowd in their seats. Lol we also got a clear glimpse of Uzi’s Jheri curl. After the night people also started calling him Lil Eazy Vert as he was definitely giving Eazy- E vibes. 

Lastly for the biggest surprise of the night, Meek brought out Future! We are talking about the artist who charges $1 Million for a show and here we are watching him live in Philly. Future performed ‘Mask Off’ while actually really taking his mask off and ‘F*ck up Some Commas’. Philly went crazy. Future is very much so a staple iconic artist and it’s not every day that you are able to see him perform. Meek said “I talked to Pluto last night about the show and he wanted to be here in Philly to rep”. Then Meek asked him to perform his favorite song, ‘March Madness. Legendary night.

Meek ended the concert with the National Philly Anthem, Dreams and Nightmares. Meek said, ‘Coming from out the trenches, I was stuck at the bottom, so if you ever supported me, I appreciate that. I do this sh*t for Philly.

As Philly sang their hearts out word for word on Dreams and Nightmares, balloons filled the stadium.

This entire night was just an amazing feel for Philly. We saw Meek Mill grow up on these Philly streets and in fact, we grew up with him, and every year, he reaches a different level. Dreams and Nightmares is a Philly anthem because each of us in our own way can relate to coming from the trenches and the hope to someday make it out.

We love you Meek!

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See all videos of the concert with Meek, Uzi, MoneyBagg, Rick Ross, DaBaby, Future, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, PnB Rock tribute, Jim Jones and Fabolous performances below: 

1. Meek Mill Dreams & Nightmares 10th Anniversary Kick Off

2. Fabolous

3. Fivio Foreign x Meek

4. Fivio Foreign ‘Big Drip’

5. Meek: 1942 Flows

6. Meek Mill: Flamerz 5

7. Mee Mill x Rick Ross | Reunited

8. Rick Ross, Big Meech, Larry Hoover

9. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

10. Meek Mill Pins Message about DaBaby

11. Meek Pays Tribute to PnB Rocks

12. MoneyBagg Yo

13. MoneyBagg Yo: Wockesha

14. Old Meek: In my Bag

15. Lil Uzi: XO Tour Llif3

16. Lil Uzi: Just Wanna Rock Dance


18. Future Performs Mask Off & Actually Takes Mask Off

19. Future: F*ck Up Some Commas

20. Meek Told Pluto The Night Before About the Show #MarchMadness

21. Meek Thanks Philly: “Coming From the Trenches, Stuck At The Bottom” #DreamsNightmares

22. Philly Anthem

23. Meek Mill Concert Finale