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Duane Cali Monkeypox McDonald's

Source: @DuaneCali / TikTok

Clout chasing has no bounds. A TikToker recently went on a McDonald’s run, which is no big deal except for the fact that he was admittedly sick with Monkeypox during his mission.

The TikToker in question is Duane Cali, who apparently had no problem going outside while his body littered with blisters, a tell-tale sign of a monkeypox infection.  But this wasn’t enough to stop him from hitting golden arches. Oh yeah, he also hit up Burger King, too.

Reports Blavity:

“What’s good, y’all? My bad, I’m not in the house. I had to go make a McDonald’s run ’cause I ain’t got no groceries. I ain’t got no food,” he says in the upload.

Once that disclaimer was out of the way, he issued a brief PSA, encouraging people to look out for themselves and not contract monkeypox.

“I just wanted to make this video to remind y’all to be careful who you f**k with,” he proclaims. “Because not everybody who you f**k with is gonna f***k with you.”

Bruh…what?! We’re willing to be there are social services that could have sent along some food. Or since he has the money for the food and gas, he could have ordered takeout and have the delivery person leave it at his door. So, make it make sense.

Also, he’s reportedly pushing his music with all the attention, but we’re good. If you are in the vicinity of folk this dastardly, get the monkeypox vaccine, please.

Twitter is still going in on Mr. Cali, deservedly so. See for yourself below and in the gallery.

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1. Duane has responded and…yeah.