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Soooo it’s very safe to say that this already has been a messy, long and very opinionated Monday. From DaniLeigh saying all DaBaby wanted to do is dump in her, to him telling her and their 3 month old to get out of the house, to DaBaby calling the police, to them going back and forth on Instagram live in the same house, to DaBaby calling DaniLeigh crazy and his side piece in front of her face, to DaBaby’s first babymom getting involved to DaniLeigh flooding her IG stories with all their memories…….Chile it’s just a lot. Get into all the details and Twitter responses below.

Last night or very early morning rather, DaBaby and DaniLeigh got into it on Instagram live. According to DaniLeigh, DaBaby called the police on DaniLeigh, the singer and baby mother of the rapper’s youngest child during a fight between the two.

DaniLeigh said that DaBaby tried to kick she and their 3 month year old baby out the house. She said she had cooked dinner for him that same night, went to bed and then not too long after, she was being waken up with him telling her that she had to go and couldn’t stay there.

DaBaby on live said, “I don’t want no charges pressed or nothing I just want her peacefully removed, which they need to hurry up [and] do as we speak. I ain’t even want that behavior on display but it’s OK, man this too shall pass, it’s all good.” 

DaBaby then went on to promote his upcoming tour dates on his IG story.

After DaniLeigh saw that DaBaby made his own statement on IG, she took to Instagram as well and posted a story, claiming that DaBaby was upset that she ordered a Plan B and had it sent to his home. Her post stated,  “All he wanna do is cum in me with no responsibility,” she claimed. “Obviously he prob want me out so he can fuck on his baby mother and other hoes who been known we been together this whole time while I just had my first child. This all goes to say that this man is a fucking coward!”

DaBaby compared his relationship with DaniLeigh to that of the movie, ‘Get Out’ and Martin Lawrence  & Lynn Whitfield’s, ‘Thin Line Between Love & Hate’.

DaniLeigh also shared more of the situation between the relationship on Instagram Live and broke down crying. Here’s what she had to say

Things got even more messier as DaBaby’s first baby mom, Meme, tagged in on the ongoing situation and gave her input on the entire situation. She considers it karma for DaniLeigh

Just when we thought that DaniLeigh was removed from the house, we see her pop in on DaBaby’s live and he tells her to her face that she is crazy and that she was his side piece

Here’s what Twitter and different celebs including Alexis Skyy, Summer Walker  had to say