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2016 has been a roller coaster of a year for most of us.  But somehow social media has helped us fight depression with laughter. Here is a list of the top 10 theme memes of 2016. #10 Prince Meme #RIP to one of the greatest to ever touch a stage. Besides his music, social media will always […]

Yesterday, Ciara took the field at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. The R&B diva performed “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a packed stadium. While the players looked on, she belted out an acapella rendition of the patriotic tune, accompanied by three backup singers. Listen and take the poll. What are your thoughts?

Yesterday, Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said  that in order to grow the economy “people should work longer hours” This is why we MUST get out and VOTE, VOTE ,VOTE people! We MUST pay attention to who we allow to run our country! We have the POWER…just have to use it. Now, here is where we wanna […]

Okay, so we all should be caught up on Season 2 of Power by now, and I’m sure everyone saw La La Anthony’s nice perky headlights. Although they looked nice, we had to pause for a few moment when we remembered ‘HEY! that’s a married woman right there!’.  Well, not too long ago TMZ ran into Carmelo Anthony and […]

Fox’s Empire could be one of the best television shows of the year. With record breaking viewership, Empire looks to make Wednesday night’s one of the most watched nights on TV. But with all this acclaim, do you relate do any of the characters of the show? Take our poll and tell us who’s your favorite […]

The Eagles took a hard lost to the Cowboys on Sunday night, losing 38-27 and giving up 3 touchdowns to Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant. The lost pushes the Eagles out of first place in the division, leaving them fighting for their playoff lives. With only a few games left in the season, this get’s […]

I knew something was missing when 2013 started.  In the 21st century, what would any year be without Chris Brown and new drama to set it off?  TMZ reported that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean were involved in a brawl at a recording studio in LA this weekend.  Like Breezy’s run-in with Drake inNew York last year, the instigator of the fight is currently a mystery, as both sides are […]

In this episode of the “Real Rap Beef’s Of Hip Hop” Meek Mill and Cassidy are STILL going head to head. The latest drama between Meek and Cassidy came after Cassidy released a 10 minute dis record towards Philly’s own Meek Mill. With the record being 10 minutes, Cassidy obviously had enough time to come at everything there […]

According to CNN, as many as 26 people were killed in the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Unfortunately, this is just one of many instances of gun violence in america that could have been avoided, but how? Could we have avoided the movie theater shooting in Colorado? How bout the Oregon mall shooting, which […]

There has been a beef started between Philly preacher Pastor Jomo Johnson and Philly rapper Meek Mill. It started with Pastor Jomo Johnson taking shots at Meek Mill in the  Daily News, calling for a ban on Meek Mill’s single, “Amen.” Philadelphia Preacher Take Shots At Meek Mill Jomo then decided to give his beef a voice […]

Sneaker maker Adidas is taking some heat for manufacturing these new shoes called the ‘shackle shoes’ trainers.  There’s not much I can say but the picture speaks for itself.  In addition to the pictures Adidas posted the following statement to promote the shoes on their Facebook page.   Many sneaker fans are calling Adidas racist […]

The Trayvon Martin killing could possibly be the most polarizing thing to happen to Americans in 2012. It has awakened a lot of pain many minorities have felt for years because of racism and discrimination, which has been a part of of fabric since the beginning of time. Now kids have taken to the internet with a new […]