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Thank the Lord this is not in Philly, however that doesnt take away that this may go down as one of the most ignorant crimes ever!  It also proves to me that there is no reason for me go to Detroit (no offense, but ter ummmm…).  So the story goes, man is shot by his […]

If you haven’t heard one of our favorites, H&M has partnered up with another one of our favorites, Beyonce to give us a reason to hurry up and workout. They have also partnered up for a new beach themed line that is highlighting all of Mrs. Carter’s best parts. They say Sasha even had a […]

Most of us were flipping in between our RHOA reunion and Game of Thrones so you may have missed the latest award show crashing, but this one was a little interesting. Interesting because the “crasher” was an actress. So the story goes, Will Ferrell was accepting his award when this girl, Aubrey Plaza (who you […]

No worries, I got you! I bet you didnt even know companies offer freebies to get your mind of your tax woes. Well they do and here is the list! Arby’s is in its third year of offering a freebie — this year offering the choice of potato cakes in addition to curly fries. Go […]

One thing I can say about the Kardashians is that they really give you all of their business and it looks like this season wont dissapoint! Yes honey we are getting all the T this season from Kim’s pregnancy/divorce woes to Robert Kardashians battle with the bulge (Game included!!!!). And finally we get to go […]

Hey yall it’s Laiya and shout out to all my Game of Thrones lovers! I’m with you in battle every week, but I thought I would share some interesting photos I found. It seems the women of Game of Thrones are not all they appear. Most of them look nothing like their characters. Dont believe […]