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Man I have been trying to tell people its no joke in Brazil.  This video is just one example of how they get down.  Shout outs to those who saw City of God.  Brazilian funk artist Daniel Pellegrine, known as MC Daleste, is dead after being shot in the abdomen Saturday night while performing in the […]

Just when you thought Willow Smith was taking an extended vacay from music, she surprises us!  Not only has she grown up from her “Whip My Hair” days.  She now is singing about summer lovin.  Im sooo not ready, but this song is really cute….      

Biggups to the super talented and gorgeous Tika Sumpter (@iamtikasumpter) who checked in on the show today.  Last night you got a double dose with her appearance on Being Mary Jane and her regular gig killing the game on Tyler Perry’s The Have and The Havenots, but she also let us in on her new movie starring […]

So did you know the very first time I ever hung out with Shamara was like 6 years ago in LA? Yeah its a real interesting story, so make sure you listen to PMS today to hear it….

Man I’m trying to tell y’all that June 18th is gonna be a day for some major decisions.  Kanye? J Cole?  And now Kelly has dropped this banging new single with Wiz Khalifa, “Gone” and OMG it is so good y’all.  What better way for you to hear it then with her and Wiz joining The Roots […]

They have foiled us again! lol  It looks like they have spread some of our favorite acts across 2 days, which means we definitely need tickets for both days.   Hope you saved your money lol.

Last Saturday was all about The 6th Annual Roots Picnic!  And thanks to Philly 360 I got all your backstage and on stage exclusive footage.  I have made it a tradition to make sure I attend every Roots Picnic for some of us in the creative community in Philly, it’s a chance to reunite.  The backstage […]

What?  Thats the name of the song lol.  I love how honest J Cole is and he doesnt disapoint on this new song, well he does, but not me, Nas. Oh and just because I love you, a bonus new J Cole track with Kendrick Lamar, “Forbidden Fruit”!

Shout outs to Nicole Brewer, anchor on the CBS Morning Show and Carol Erikson, the meteorologist on the show.  Sometimes it’s hard to act like you like someone when you really dont.  Many examples of this can be found in this video.  For the record CBS spokes people say the ladies are the best of […]

Yaaass Honey!  Serena gives us body on the all new July cover of Essence.

I still say it’s somthing fishy about this but you decide if you like this Nikko/ Johnny Collabo…..PS Mi Mi I still say you are looking a little nutty lol

So I saw this trailer a while ago for “They Die By Dawn” and got so excited when I saw Erykah Badu was back on the big screen!  Then I see all of these other super talented actors are on board, people like Michael K Williams (The Wire),  Rosario Dawson , Isaiah Washington (kicked off Grey’s Anatomy), […]