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T.O. may have not been in Philadelphia for a while, but apparently they thought they could slip this one by us.

As many of the JT’s stan’s were upset as could be last Friday about the announcement about an announcement, they have definitely had their appetites satisfied. Justin Timberlake is back and the first track we get to hear is this joint with Jay-Z called “Suit and Tie.” Take a listen here. Justin Timberlake – Suit […]

The rumor mill is swirling and supposedly rapper Nelly has moved on from long time girlfriend Ashanti on to sexy actress Lashontae Heckard (better known as Tae). Tae was born in South Korea where her father was stationed for the military. Her mother moved to Texas with Tae where she was raised. She later served in the military but starting modeling […]

Kanye West was at Revel in Atlantic city the other night. And apparently he is taking a page out of Lady Gaga’s book with these outfits!! he has gotten a lot of heat regarding these outfits…but to be honest, crazy outfits just don’t do it for me anymore. I would probably be more shocked if […]

The Philadelphia beef continues between Meek Mill and Cassidy. This time, Cass takes to the music and makes this joint called “Me, Myself,  & iPhone.” He pretty much blatantly comes at Meek Mill. Take a listen for yourself and comment!! Cassidy – Me Myself & iPhone (Clean) Here is how it went down on Twitter: […]

(Notice the window shadows looking like jail bars, I thought that was funny lol) On another episode of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” lol. Now, I’m not so sure how valid this is…simply because its coming from TMZ. But they are reporting that Trey Songz was arrested on November 1st for…get this…MAKING IT RAIN!!! […]


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