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Rhymefest For Alderman!Chicago-based emcee Rhymefest is throwing his hat in the political ring with his recently announced plans to run for Alderman for the south side of Chicago’s 20th ward.

He will be running against Alderman Willie Cochran who is running for re-election.

Rhymefest tweeted about his upcoming run for election:

“Its already starting! I talk about helping my community and the villains are attacking my character and family! I won’t stop! The 20th Ward in Chicago needs help, shorties are out here selling dope to pay the family bills. Grandmothers are raising their children’s children, people are un-employed and under employed & leadership is absent!”

We couldn’t help but think about the infamous Alderman Fred Davis from the classic sitcom  “Good Times,” which also took place in Chicago’s south side.

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