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Hip Hop has taken a bad rap. Mostly because the labels and the media choose to only promote the most negative music to make money. Still Hip Hop has a long history of positive uplifting songs. Here’s my Top 9.


9. Ed O G And The Bulldogs Be A Father To Your Child.

Dope ode to to fatherhood with a great positive message to young black men.

8. Queen Latifah U.N.I.T.Y.

Queen Latifah’s song both discourages misogyny and encourage unity in this early 90s classic.

7. Kool G. Rap Ft. Biz Markie And Big Daddy Kane Erase Racism

Great song about the evils of racism and how to stop it from three of the Juice Crew All-Stars.

6. Gang West Coast All Stars We’re All In The Same

King Tee, NWA, MC Hammer, Digital Underground, Ice-T and several other West Coast stars came together to try and stop the gang violence that plagued the West Coast in the nineties.

5. BDP You Must Learn

KRS kicks a dope Black history lesson on the mic for the BDP gem.

4. Lauryn Hill That Thing

Great song about women and self respect by Lauryn.

3. Public Enemy Fight The Power

An anthem to revolutions everywhere. PE rallied the sufferers to fight against their oppressors and not just tolerate it.

2. The Stop The Violence Movement Self Destruction

KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, D-Nice, MC Lyte, Public Enemy and others came together to fight against Black on Black crime.

1. Slick Rick Hey Young World

Great inspirational song for our youth with wisdom and life lessons included.

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