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Close-up of sloth bear on rock

Source: Raghupathi K.V. / 500px / Getty

If you are planning fun day for the kids, or if you want to get out the house, be sure to make a stop at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Upon arrival of the new Sloths Bears to the Zoo, a contest was held to determine the name of the newly acquired cubs. Visitors were able to go onto the Philadelphia Zoo’s website and choose a between a pair of set names selected for the bears.  Voters were able to choose from “Kelce and Harper” or “Hall and Oates”.

After all votes were counted, the leading names were the two team captains in Philadelphia sports; Jason Kelce, NFL Champion and Center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Bryce Harper, two-time MVP and centerpiece for the Philadelphia Phillies Franchise.

“These two will be out exploring their habitat typically in the afternoons. We can’t wait for you to meet them” the Philadelphia Zoo captioned on Instagram


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