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Mary J Blige Tells Us Why She Signed WanMor

Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2023 - Arrivals

Source: Phillip Faraone / Getty

RNBFEST 2023 Performing group WanMor came to the station to Celebrate the 19th birthday of their oldest member, and brother, “Big Boy”, Wanya Morris II. Mary J Blige called into the midday show with Mina SayWhat to Wish Big Boy a Happy Birthday!

Mina asked about the talent that she sees in this young R&B group. “Hardworking, they really really want it, and what I saw in them is just straight pure talent” Mary told Mina. WanMor’s talent has not gone unnoticed. With another nod from Beyonce, Queen B, two queens at the top of their game recognize talent when they see it. Mary J Blige says that WanMore is the first artist signed under Her Beautiful Life Productions label.

Check out the full interview below!

After the interview, they bumped into Chloe Bailey down the hall. After they exchanged pleasantries, they wanted to show her how awesome her newest project In Pieces was.

WanMor will be at the Met May 20th for RNB Fest 2023!


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