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Curtis Brinkley, CEO of Philadelphia record label Stack or Starve Records, has had an impactful presence in the music scene of Philadelphia. Brinkley recently partnered with Def Jam on a joint venture, working with Shanna Sherman, as she will be spearheading the artist development for the Stack or Starve roster. Brinkley stopped by the My Philly Lawyer studios to talk to RNBPhilly’s own Mina Saywhat about his journey leading up to the venture and what this means to the city.

Brinkley joined the NFL in 2009 as an undrafted free agent, signing with the San Diego Chargers. After finally achieving a lifelong dream to play in the NFL, he was waived in December of 2010. After an series of ups and downs in the NFL, Brinkley ultimately walked away from the game that he had lost alot of love for since high school. “It wasn’t something that I really enjoyed. After high school it became more political, then the injuries,” Brinkley said “When I went to the league, it wasn’t everything I thought it would be — I never was happy in those stages of my life.”

Fast-foward to his time outside the NFL, he found himself struggling to find himself and figure out his purpose on earth. He spoke about injuries he suffered taking a toll on him, “It was hard, I was very depressed, I went broke — I ain’t know what direction to go in.” Brinkley said. “People around you start to change because you not playing no more, the money is not the same, so I went through a lot mentally”.

A crucial real estate invest he made with his final earnings landed him a huge lump sum in which he invested all of it into the kids musical futures, his first protege being Zahsosaa, who’s name is buzzing beyond the Philly music scene.

“Growing up I always wanted to be in rap, and after football I was trying to find my way and I got into music.” Brinkley said. “I just felt like kids in the city needed some help. They wasn’t getting the right attention. I just always thought we was so talented but you know, we just never had the people that wanted to take the time to invest in the youth.”

Investing into his artists such a Yxng K.A., D. Sturdy, and The Philly Goats has landed them national attention, while Brinkleys managed to get on the radar of Roc Nation in order to get his artist more exposure.


Check out the full interview with Mina SayWhat below!

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