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D4M Sloan’s Shares How The Will Smith Smack Made Him Go Viral

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Philly music is taking over social media with today’s artists like D4M $loan smashing the Traprock x Jersey Club music wave.

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The ‘Swagg Talk’ rapper began his career as a duo and saw his rise in popularity after his unreleased song ‘Don’t Diss Me,’ featuring his late rap partner D4M Skiano was leaked and went viral in Philadelphia.

Sloan, a West Philadelphia native, continues to go viral on social media and music platforms everywhere with his high energy and grizzly voice trailblazing as the new sound of Philly Hip Hop culture.

“Me and my brother Skiano created that sound together. We were in the studio just trying to be as creative as possible. That’s what we liked to do,” said the rapper.

Aamir Johnson Daye, better known as Aamir Johnson Daye, was tragically murdered in 2020.

While the rapper died at the age of 18-years-old, D4M $loan keeps his memory alive through music.

“It’s not only my dream. It was my brother’s dream too. We all had the dream ans vision, and, alot of them are not here anymore,” said $loan.

In addition to D4M Sloan’s lyrical talent, he recently made his acting debut with a principal performance role as “Darnell” on the “The Fresh Prince of Bel-air’s” dramatic reboot “Bel-air”.

Check out our full interview with D4M $loan below!

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