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Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

Gunna was caught on camera in a physical incident with someone as he was jewelry shopping.

The incident occurred at Mr. Alex Jewelers, a jewelry store in Miami.

In the recorded video, Gunna is seen flipping and slamming a guy to the floor along with two security guards trying to detain the man.

Gunna who at this point is beyond frustrated and upset is seen moving around the security while the guy is on the ground trying to get to him.

He starts to pull his pants up, with in most instances, in the hood is a silent language for ‘wassup, what you tryna get into or you tryna fight”.

The video ends with one of the security guards slighting moving gunna out of the way.

Details are still unraveling what exactly happened but it looks like the guy was trying to approach Gunna as he was jewelry shopping and obviously did something to irritate him.

Check back for more details.