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The hottest artist stepping out of Detroit, meet Babyface Ray!

Babyface Ray is definitely on the rise and began to bubble up after his introduction with Tee Grizzley.

As many are still on the east begging to catch on to the voice of Detroit, he still did his thing at the Class of 2021 Concert Holiday Edition in Philly.

In his Interview with MiaBelle, Babyface Ray also talked about giving up, and then before he knew it, he was taking off.

Babyface Ray: Class of 2021 Concert [PHOTOS & INTERVIEW]

In October 2016, Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley was released from prison. On that same day he recorded “First Day Out.

Babyface Ray was already years into his rap career when “First Day Out” took over Detroit. Baby face in an interview with Pitchfork said, ” I knew Detroit was hard, but I didn’t think we was hard enough for the world.

As we all know Atlanta to be the home of hip hop right now, Babyface Ray took time to show the comparision between Detroit and Atlanta. He said, “Detroit is becoming like the Atlanta scene,” says Babyface Ray, expressing so little emotion that you can tell he’s deadly serious. “It’s still in the process, but it’s in motion.”