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Source: Kenneth Dapaah / Kenneth Dapaah

Meek Mill is speaking out about his “zero tolerance” when it comes to popping pills to get high.

The “Expensive Pain” rapper hit up Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast to discuss his past addiction to Percocets and how he now steers clear of the drug.

“That sh_t is Fentanyl. If you take Percs right now, you an a__hole,” Meek said at the 25:15-minute mark. “You can die off of just trying to get high, kill half your brain cells in your mind just by trying to get high. Nine times out of ten, when you get a Percocet off the street, it’s probably gonna be a hit-up Perc. They got tests on Instagram. We ain’t trying to do all that to get high, man.”

Meek says he took Percocets before Fentanyl was found in them and maintains he’s, “not gonna risk my life to get high.”