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Source: Courtesy of FitMenCook / Courtesy of FitMenCook

If it’s one thing for certain, Tasties Soul Food restaurant owner, Barbara Devan, sure knows how to run a successful business.

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Only 34 years old, the Southwest Philly food mogul already owns three restaurants, one food truck serving University City, and recently launched her line of seasonings and sauces.

While Devan says she is just getting started, she admits that this success did not happen overnight.

The entrepreneur started selling food in 2007 at 21st and Berks and later switched locations to West Philly where she operated out of the kitchen of Jollies West.

After years of rebranding, Devan finally created the Tasties Franchise we know and love today.

See how Barbara says she started her business from the ground up in her latest interview