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Source: Black and Mobile / David Cabello

Backing and creating ownership in African American and brown communities is vital in a post-Trump era where racism and classism continue to divide America.

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Not only does supporting black-owned businesses strengthen local economies, but it also aids in closing the racial wealth gap.

But let’s face it! It takes a lot of hard work to start a business.

That’s why we sat down with Black and Mobile owner, David Cabello to get the ins and outs on how he and his twin brother Aaron started the first-ever black food delivery service.

The two brothers launched their business in 2017 after dropping out of college.

It’s been only four years since they both took the leap of faith and

they’ve already expanded to four major cities, while also snagging a cameo in Jayz and Pharrell’s video Entrepreneurs.

Check out 25-year-old David spill the tea on the keys to starting a business, creating an app, appearing in Jayz & Pharrell Video, and more.

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