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Now that Tekashi 6ix9ine is on the loose his lips are once again capable of sinking all kinds of battleships, but until the feds call on him to once again get his siren on, 6ix9ine is looking to get his rap career back on track.


After securing his freedom due to an assist from the Coronavirus, Vulture is reporting that Tekashi has asked the judge for permission to use his backyard as a setting to shoot some new music videos. In a letter filed by his legal team on Thursday (April 23), the request read, “I am writing today only to request the Court’s approval to permit Mr. Hernandez to spend up to two hours in his backyard, once a week, for employment purposes only. He is looking to record music videos in his backyard,” wrote attorney Lance Lazzaro.

Wait, he can’t even set foot in his backyard? They aren’t playing with him serving out the rest of his sentence in home confinement. Luckily for him the U.S. Probations Department have no problem with the government’s star witness attempting to restart his once blossoming rap career.

Hernandez is allowed to make — and release — music under home confinement, another one of his lawyers, Dawn Florio, previously told Vulture. Florio had also said that Hernandez can go on social media, which was key in boosting his music. He reportedly nabbed a $10 million, two-album record deal with his former label, 10K Projects, while he was waiting to be sentenced.

Though we doubt he’ll be constantly topping the Billboard charts like he was a few years ago, we know that people are curious to see how he’ll try to comeback being that he bares the Scarlett letter “S” (snitch) on his person in a culture. While we doubt he’ll be screaming “Trey Way,” “Scum Gang” or maybe even the “N” word, we expect him to try to pick up where he left off. More struggle bars and rainbow wigs.

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