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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith took to Twitter to say that Colin Kaepernick “didn’t want to work”, “just wanted to make some noise”, and “wants to be a martyr”, to which Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid, who was at the former 49ers’ workout, replied “Damn straight he wants to control the narrative!” adding that it’s hard for Kaepernick to trust the NFL after it “blackballed him and has absolutely done nothing in good faith.”

Smith then called Reid a hypocrite for knocking the NFL after “collecting a check from that very institution. You, Eric Reid, who takes a knee…supposedly for brothers, but attack brothers at every turn the second someone disagrees with you.”

Smith continued with “You got the nerve to call out the NFL when your beef was supposed to be with society in regards to police brutality and oppression, but you want to beat up everyone who disagrees with you?  Let me tell you, Kaepernick has been supported. We’ve all said he was done wrong” adding that Kaep’s opportunity came Saturday “but he showed up to a job interview with a t-shirt alluding to slavery!”  Kaepernick’s shirt read “Kunta Kinte.”

Smith ended his lengthy series of Tweets telling Reid “Maybe the enemy ain’t the NFL. It’s not Malcolm Jenkins, Jay-Z or me” before pointing out Kaepernick’s less-than-stellar record before leaving the NFL and saying that the top 4 league MVPS are all black.