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By: Deion Allen

The year 2018 has just came to an end, after we do what is tradition, eat those black-eyed peas, wash it down with champagne, some of us even start off the new year with a lucky midnight kiss.

Some of these traditions are arguable, but what is undeniable, is the good ol’ New Years resolution. Every year we tell ourselves at least one thing we need to work on improving to sustain our health and well being.

However, three days into working on “New Year New Me” we get hit with a haymaker. Skipping out on the gym after work to pick up the potato chips and popcorn as LifeTime airs “Surviving R.Kelly”, a docuseries that reveals the past times of RNB singer Robert Kelly. As the story of R.Kelly comes out the closet, DNA hits the streets to find out how the people feel about R. Kelly now and what we are doing different in 2019.

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