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Fat Joe and Dre got one with this new club banger “Pick It Up”. They stopped by Boom 103.9 to talk about there new music & upcoming album, how the squad has stayed loyal to each other after all these years, (Khaled, Remy, Cool & Dre, Joe, etc).

Since they are in Philly, of course they had to talk the big game, and who they think will win against the Philadelphia Eagles and Patriots (shoutout Dre for the thorough breakdown), and how potentially Joel Embiid COULD actually pull off a date with Rihanna.

Fat Joe and DJ Caesar talked about about the Lil Wayne/Lil Uzi Vert comments…

“Nothing but love and respect for Lil Uzi Vert….What I was saying was LIL WAYNE influenced his style and the WHOLE NEW Genre of music…I heard Wayne do all those flows….They made a headline, but all press is good press” Fat Joe




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