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Wale is now a veteran in this game, and his new album “SHINE” displays growth, experimental sounds, and positive music to dance, vibe, and ride out with.

Wale sat down for our second #BoomSessions Q&A in the Kicks USA studios and talked about a variety of topics such as go-go music, his next album direction, why he created this album, his high school & college days, fatherhood perspectives, the evolution of his career and much more.

5 Things That We Learned From The Session

1) He has a full go-go music sounding project in the works, and we should get it sometime after his tour and promo run. He also has his go-go band on tour with him this time around.

“It’s a complicated genre to perfect, after this tour, after I’m done pushing this album, I’m going back in.”


2) His school days consisted of football, rap, trouble, and girls.

“I stayed local for school, but I always studied abroad”

Wale Boom Sessions

3) Things are all good with Meek, Rick Ross, and MMG. He even mentioned that Meek’s new project is coming! 

“It’s a family, we ain’t on no reality shows, it’s love, we gonna ride till the wheels fall off”

Wale Boom Sessions

4) Having a daughter has totally changed his perspective on women forever.

“They are SUPER HUMAN to me”

Wale Boom Sessions

5) It looks like the ALBUM ABOUT NOTHING series is over. He said that things didn’t go exactly how he planned when it came to promo for the last album, and he had a lot more planned for it. The other problem…

“Jerry’s an expensive man to get out the house.”

His new album is available now, and if you missed his full interview with DJ Caesar, check it out now here.
Boom Sessions Q&A With Wale In The Kicks USA Studio
Wale Boom Sessions
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