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The drama surrounding Tamar Braxton being given the boot from The Real may have gotten ugly behind the scenes, but it sure makes for splendid reality TV.

The singer and former host is preparing to say her peace on the upcoming episode of Braxton Family Values. In the teaser shown above, Tamar reacts to the news of getting fired from the show, which she didn’t take too well. The episode is scheduled to air on June 2.

Tasha Smith & Keith Douglas

Tasha Smith is a free and happy woman once again.

The actress sat down with Hollywood Today and spoke about her annulled marriage, in which she describes it as a “miracle.” Smith said, “Like after a three year fraudulent marriage to be able to get it annulled is amazing and it was the best experience ever because you know I just learned so much and I’m free and really I’ve only been married one time.”

Read more about what she had to say here.

jennifer lopez birthday

When you’re Jenny from the Block, you have to do it big.

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly purchasing a new home in the lavish community of Bel-Air in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, the house is 13,000 square feet and it comes with its own lake and beach. J. Lo’s new pad cost her only $28 million – chump change!

Johnny Depp

Things are getting quite messy between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

The two announced their divorce earlier this week and Amber is claiming that there were instances of domestic violence throughout their relationship. Now, Johnny’s attorney is saying that Amber’s accusations are all a ploy to gain the upper hand in their divorce.

People reports: “In a signed affidavit, Heard alleged that Depp was verbally and physically abusive “during the entirety of our relationship”. She also alleged that Depp threw his iPhone at her face last Saturday, hitting her in the eye during an argument at their home in downtown Los Angeles. On Friday afternoon, Heard emerged from court with a bruise under her eye. She also submitted several photos of herself with a bruise on her face as evidence she was assaulted, according to court documents. The LAPD says officers were called to Depp and Heard’s home on Saturday night, but found no evidence of abuse.”

Stay tuned..

SOURCE: People, TMZ, The Jasmine Brand | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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