It seems like we have been waiting for MONTHS for this halftime performance. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez represented for their Latin heritage and Miami. Watch below. Earlier in the day Jennifer Lopez posted a photo of the two ladies embracing. Rumors were swirling that the two were not getting along. Definitely did not get that […]

If you’re in New York this weekend, keep your eyes open for signs of Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B, the two will be working together on a new film called, Hustlers, about strippers who band together against their rich Wall Street clients. Hustlers is based on some truth, a New York magazine article about a group of […]

This weekend, Jennifer Lopez ended her run in Las Vegas. Her ex-boyfriend, Diddy was in the audience for her final show. You may recall they dated from 1999-2001. Jennifer spotted Diddy in the audience and serenaded him before Diddy joined her on stage for a hug. But don’t get it twisted, Jennifer is no fool, […]


Age ain't nothing but a number for these two ladies.

Even in the first “C’mon Son” of the year, there is a lot of ground to cover. Between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown‘s odd, quickly-escalated beef, Mariah Carey‘s botched New Year’s Eve performance, and Ronda Rousey‘s intense loss, celebs have been busy. Most notably, Jennifer Lopez and Drake started the year off churning the rumor […]

Watch out Drake, we hear Marc Anthony wants that old thing back.

Do you think DraLo is the real deal or a publicity stunt?

Could Drake and Jennifer Lopez actually be a real thing? The two have been all over social media and now this video came out below of the “Let’s Get Loud” singer grinding all over the “Hotline Bling” rapper. See for yourself below: These celebs sure move fast. Just a few months ago, Drake said Rihanna […]

After a solid week of speculation, Drake, 29 and Jennifer Lopez, 47 have cleared up why they're spending so much time together.