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While promoting his new children’s book “Happy!” Pharrell Williams receives an unexpected surprise.

Pharrell Williams was caught off-guard at his own press conference when a group of local children surprised him by taking on the task of questioning him on his new book, ‘Happy!’. The London based kids grilled him about his favorite book, where he likes to read, and if he orders a Happy Meal at McDonald’s.

Before taking questions from the group of kids, Pharrell spoke briefly on “Happy!” He explained that the book was made for the younger crowd and allows them “to really get the worth of the lyrics” from the song,“Happy.”

“This is my first venture into publishing,” Pharrell Williams said. “And honestly, I have to say there’s no greater way this could have ever happened. Because honestly, the book is for you. The book is for you and your friends. And it’s an iteration of the song that I had a couple years back. But I think more than anything else…having it in book form allows you guys to really get the worth of the lyrics.

Pharrell was then asked a handful of questions from the group of children, including ones on his favorite place to read, if the producer had any pets and what was his favorite book as a child.

Check out the cutest press conference ever with Pharrell answering tough questions.

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