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One of the greatest emcees in hip hop is readying his next solo project.

It’s been six years after Rakim’s last release, The Seventh Seal, the New York emcee is hoping to put out his fourth solo album in 2015. “I’m working on something now, man. I’m trying to get a few of the right producers in pocket and get the chemistry of the album together,” Ra explained to XXLmag “I’m working on something now and trying to get it out in the middle or towards the end of this year. This is one of them albums where I can have fun. My last album, The Seventh Seal, was somewhat of a conscious album. I wanted to make sure I made a statement with that album. This one here, I can have a little fun with and enjoy hip-hop on this one.”

Rakim was also asked about today’s generation of hip-hop superstars. The legendary rapper was complimentary of J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar and appreciates what both are doing for the game.

“It’s a blessing to get love like that from people like that who are on fire,” he said of J. Cole. “A young artist coming up doing his thing and reaching back towards the past and showing love, I appreciate that man.

“Kendrick Lamar is that new fuel, know what I mean? It’s a conscious new fuel where he’s not just doing what’s hot for today. He has substance, he ain’t scared to make a statement. He’s nice, man. Big up tot he young artists that are coming up and keeping the torch lit and have something to say.


Rakim Readies New Album for 2015  was originally published on boom92houston.com