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Lil Boosie Says ‘African-American Is the Worst Race’

In 2010, Baton Rouge rapper Lil Boosie was indicted on federal charges related to first-degree murder. he was later acquitted and was sentenced to eight years after pleading guilty to the drug charges. He was recently released from prison and has a whole lot to say about certain race relations.Boosie sat down with Peter Bailey for his NiteCap series where he revealed some strong opinions on black-on-black crime, glorifying jail culture and more.

“I feel like African-American is the worst race in the world because, first of all, we kill each other,” he said. “The White man ain’t waiting in your bushes with a choppa. The White man ain’t trying to take the rims off your car. The White man ain’t… we doin’ this to each other. So how can we say ‘Eff the White man’? He ain’t doin’ nothin’ but when we get in trouble. He doin’ his job.”“They hear ‘Free Boosie’ and see me come home after what I came home in and a lot of people glorified it, and that’s the total wrong thing to do,” he said. “I was fighting the death penalty. What’s cool about that? If 12 jurors woulda said guilty, they’d be frying me,” Boosie added.The comments sparked polarizing debates on Twitter.

Despite Boosie’s lack of education, we can’t deny that he makes some valid points. We won’t go as far to say that the Black race is the worst, but black-on-black crime is an issue in our community. Glorifying jail culture is ignorant. Boosie also believes that a celebrity man can be faithful in this industry. His delivery may be off, but the message is still there.

What do you think about the interview?

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