Amber Rose keeps on making that money. She revealed on the Red Pill Podcast that her various Instagram posts net her $2 million a year.   Amber does a lot of sponsored posts for companies like FashionNova and diet products BoomBod and Flat Tummy Company. She has also done posts for adult toy make Lelo.

Well, this is progressive. Amber Rose allows her 5 year-old son to curse in front of her. She says it is a form of expression. In a recent interview with US Weekly, she said, I let my son curse in the house because it is a form of expression. I tell him when it’s appropriate and […]

Amber Rose is dating Tyga’s best friend, “AE”, who is the President of A&R at Def Jam Records and has been dating Amber for the past few weeks, according to sources. The couple was seen at Amber’s annual “Slut Walk”, with Blac Chyna being Amber’s BFF, it’s likely that Chyna and Tyga may run into […]

Cops are on the hunt for the engagement ring that Wiz Khalifa gave Amber Rose six years ago after Rose said it was stolen. TMZ reports that Rose filed a report with the LAPD after she went looking for the ring, but it was nowhere to be found. Wiz gave Amber the ring back in 2012, […]

Amber Rose received a lot of backlash after saying people from South Philly aren’t ‘traditionally beautiful’ like her.. This is the original video: 

Wiz Khalifa and Sebastian Taylor Thomaz are nothing short of father-son goals. Wiz took he and Amber Rose’s son to Coachella over the weekend to enjoy the festival and celebrate Easter. Sebastian kicked it poolside with his dad and racked up on eggs during the Easter Egg Hunt. Luckily, there was someone around to document […]