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So by now you have heard Adrien Broner’s post fight comments he made a few weeks ago.  Oh you forgot?

I’ve beaten up Africans and I just beat the f*** out of a Mexican.” 


Well has apologized…to Mexicans

I’m getting a lot of negative feedback after the comment I said about my fight,” he said. “I didn’t disrespect any Mexicans. I just called a Mexican a Mexican. I just wanna say that I love all my Mexican fans. I sign autographs, I take pictures no matter what nationality you are but I just have to get that out there. I hope I didn’t offend anybody. Shout out to Carlos Molina, he put up one hell of fight.”

No love for Africans ey?

Golden Boy Productions CEO Richard Schaefer quickly apologized for the fighter, saying that Broner was caught up in the moment. He also mentioned that he would try to get boxing veteran Bernard Hopkins to give him some insight on how to handle his behavior.

“Sometimes (Broner) says stuff without really thinking, because as I came out into the ring the first thing he said to be was ‘I’m so sorry that I said what I said,’” Schaefer said.”He’s a young guy and I’m going to keep trying to explain to him, and maybe sometimes Bernard (Hopkins) who has the experience would certainly be a great coach in that regard.”


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