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On what has to be a HUGE weekend for Floyd Mayweather, he sat down and talked about what set him off and made him put his former fiancee Ms Jackson on blast. Here are some excerpts

  • He was told she had a miscarriage and that the miscarriage was due to the stress he was putting on her
  • He found out when a member of the Showtime TV Crew found the medical documents and showed him
  • She didn’t want the babies because she didn’t want to lose her body. If that was the case he said he would have paid to put her back together again since he paid for it in the first place
  • He paid for and STILL pays for her mother’s home (sidebar, why isn’t this house paid in full? I hope he means the taxes on it)

I have a lot of questions. I am a sports fan so I understand and respect that in the months and days leading up to a big fight, the athlete needs to be focused. So who thought this was a good idea to tell Floyd this information before his big fight? I get that hurt people do hurt things but you put her and essentially your business (as those were your kids) on blast on social media?

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Via TMZ Sports