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And yes we can file this under Hot Mess we missed over the holidays. So I know you heard about the classy black tie bday party that was held for the Game over the weekend with his still baby momma, Tiffany and other celebs, but you know The Game had to have a ratchet bday party too and that’s where things get ugly.  There is video that shows the Game outside of one of his parties in his car.  Next thing you know a random groupie decides she wants to Twerk on his car. Mind you in the video The Game aint even paying attention to her.  Anyway minutes later things went bad and that same chick is seen getting her ass kicked by another out side the club. Aint nuffin worse then seeeing grown women in their hooker dresses fighting wit breasts fallen out and thongs revealed, but it alas it is my duty to report such a Mess….