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Courtesy Of Razor TV

If you’re a car lover like me, you know the Fast And The Furious franchise is like a kid being in a candy store with all the customized rides such as Dodge Chargers, Mitusubishi’s, Subaru’s, Honda Civics and others.  In order to obtain and customize these rides takes a pretty penny, but what if I told you the cost of a customized car in the US versus a regular car in Singapore would be the same amount in dollars?  Would you believe me?  In Singapore, they have taxes that deter regular citizens from buying cars due to traffic congestion and the only way that purchasing a vehicle is possible is thru a Certificate of Entitlement.  The taxes proposed on the automobiles cause an everyday car such as a Toyota Prius valued at $23,000-$30,000 to be $154,000 in Singapore. Watch the video below courtesy of Razor TV as Fast And The Furious 6 stars react to prices of Subaru’s, Honda’s and BMWs.  For more info on this story click the link right here: