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According to hiphopdx The Bronx Rapper Joey Crack aka Fat Joe maybe facing some serious jail time over tax evasion legal issues, this story comes after Fat Joe pleading guilty in december to tax evasion. He also mentioned his woes on “Mtv’s RapFix Live”. Joe admits his faults -“At the end of the day, I’m paying all the money back that’s owed — actually I have and I’ma just go like a man, stand up,” as Fat Joe explains. “All the time you see artists, the first thing they did to you when you caught money was introduce you to a bunch of fancy guys with bow ties who are gonna take care of your money and all that and then you always see an artist or a celebrity or somebody like that goin’ down for it and these guys never go down for it.” It is reported that Fat Joe will face up to two years of prison time for failing to pay taxes from 2007,2008 in the rounded amount of 7oo,ooo whoooaaaa! Good luck to the homie Fat Joe.

Source: hiphhopdx.com