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Lemme tell you what you NOT goin do….is play with K. Michelle! Ask the Blogger who she cursed out!

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Monday is the debut of Season 2 Love and Hip Hop ATL. In preparation for it K.Michelle, Mimi Faust and a few others are making the promo rounds. While in New York Mimi was asked by Bossip.com about being a role model. She said she is a role model to no one. She lives her life

“I gotta deal with my ‘ish as I see fit”

Then K.Michelle jumps in and speaks directly to the Blogger

You get paid off of making fun and hurting people and I don’t know how you think you’re gonna get blessed by that

And then it all takes a mighty “spiritual” turn. K.Michelle is mad at the website because she recently had a sold out show in New York and  the website referred to it as an “EBT Show

Lemme tell you something, I’m from the streets. Don’t neva-what you neva do with me-don’t let this weave…and for ya’ll to sit yo ass up there and make mofo fun of it and then when I start to spazz out? No mofo I’m not crazy. I’m the realest b— you goin see!

Don’t believe me? Here goes…check out the tweets AFTER the video


Last Friday as the world watched what was happening in Boston, K.Michelle got into it with one of the bloggers on Twitter

K.michelle tweets

below are the websites comments they posted on Thursday

Bossip Tweets