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What Happens To Your Facebook Profile After You Die (thumbnail)

Courtesy Of Facebook And CNN

A Boston dad has made an agreement with his daughter for her to quit Facebook for 5 months.  If she is able to uphold this agreement, her father will pay the 14 year old $200.  The father is so serious about wanting his daughter off of the social media site that he even had her sign a “Facebook Deactivation” agreement.  Some people are against the father’s method though.  On the post, one poster, in the shameless manner not unknown on the Web, called Baier an “idiot.”  “Why not try something called ‘parenting’. It’s more difficult than bribery but will more beneficial to your daughter in the long run,” the person wrote.  But Kent Wellington, who describes himself as a friend of Baier’s, responded.  “He’s a good guy and good parent. Regardless, there’s nothing wrong with a parent being proactive with their kids in the area of social media,” Wellington wrote. “I’m sure the dialog that lead up to the agreement was as valuable as the contract.” according to CNN.  Here is a picture of the contract his daughter signed below.  What do you think?  Good idea or a bad idea?

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