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Nicki Minaj was on Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday night talking about encounters with fans from foreign countries and how she almost got into a predicament while she was in Dubai.  She told Jimmy Kimmel, ” I was in Dubai, yup, mmhmm,” Nicki said. “You know what? I almost got in so much trouble because the guys in Dubai are sooo cute, it’s not even funny and, yes, [laughs], and so, it’s one of the rules, you can’t hug a man there if you’re not married to the man and so when we were leaving, there was this one guy who was so freaking cute, I was just like, ‘Byeee’ ’cause I just wanted to have this one last moment to like, savor the moment with him. [laughs] I didn’t know that he was a cop because they don’t have like a police [uniform], it was just a private airport, so they were just dressed in their regular garments and I went to give him a hug and I almost felt like, literally, time stopped in Dubai.”  If you want to read the full story, go to sohh dot com or click the link right here:  Also, if you want to see the video from the show check out the snippet of the show below courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live.