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A few weeks ago we reported [see article] that North Carolina hip hop punk rocker, Caktuz, took a page from ‘the book of Kanye’ by starting an artist-approved-weekly-free download campaign called #OverTheWallWeds. on Feb 2nd. The 1st track, “The Blood” ft. M1 of Dead Prez, the legendary Melvin Van Peebles, & an obscure sample from Icelandic singer Bjork, dropped today from Caktuz’s website & twitter

This one is sure to stir up some controversy w/ republicans and tea party members for its brash hook alone. Caktuz chants “I got the blood, now who got Whitey..” over Rick Ross’ “Hustlin'” instrumental as haunting soundbites from Fox News’ Glenn Beck, and Sara Palin’s political rhetoric that lead to the recent Arizona shootings.

With a slogan like #letsgetfree (“Let’s Get free” in twitter slanguage) It is no coincidence that the starting date, Feb. 2nd, holds significance to Caktuz’s message. February 2nd is not only part of Black History Month, but the very same day in 1990 the world stood still as it watched President De Klerk of South Africa lift the 30-year ban on leading anti-apartheid group the African National Congress ( ANC ) . He also stated the jailed ANC leader Nelson Mandela would be released.

Caktuz released this statement from his website; “This is not just a revolution of  indie artistry, but a movement to free our selves from the chains of our own prisons. There are walls that exist in this world that leave those behind them with no other choice but to tear them down…let’s get free”.