Fox News host Laura Ingraham is under fire for laughing and joking about rapper Nipsey Hussle’s death during her show The Ingraham Angle.  While talking about Hussle’s death, she showed video of music that wasn’t done by the rapper but instead was music by YG with a short appearance by Nipsey. “Yesterday in L.A., thousands lined […]

His firing comes shortly after "The New York Times" reported that the 67-year-old conservative anchor and the network shelled out $13 million in sexual harassment lawsuits launched against him.

Kendrick Lamar‘s latest album Damn is still a hot topic — especially when it comes to the people he called out on some of the songs. On “Yah,” K. Dot blasted TV personality Geraldo Rivera, rapping “Fox News wanna use my name for percentage. Somebody tell Geraldo this n***a got some ambition.” The shade comes as […]

Funny how Kimberly Guilfoyle had nothing to say when conservatives such as Ted Nugent hurled racial epitaphs and death threats at former President Obama and his family.


A $50 million sexual harassment case against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is revealing some not-so-shocking details about the behind-the-scenes culture of the conservative news network — particularly what many have long-suspected as the reason Stacey Dash was hired there. Andrea Tantaros’ suit includes specific references to the former CEO’s politically incorrect behavior, including calling host Kimberly Guilfoyle a […]

Rhimes decided to jump into the fray on Wednesday, unleashing a Twitter read for the ages.

We understand that Stacey's been in the industry for decades, but maybe she forgot a few of her steps along the way.

Actress and Fox News pundit Stacey Dash has a new ally for her controversial comments about the Oscars' lingering diversity problem -- Donald Trump.

Ben Carson is having a seat two days after criticizing Obama for being too scared to be interviewed by FOX News.

Obama has opted to join the show because of his concerns with how environmental issues are impacting the area of Alaska.

Only a few rappers can really break down problems in politics and in the community to the News and other talk shows. The always outspoken Atlanta…